Trait d'Union Outaouais Inc.
819 595-1290 | Toll free : 1-866-355-8864
109, rue Wright – local 104, Gatineau (Québec) J8X 2G7

Our Team



Jocelyne Sylvestre
Executive Director

Julie Marois
Directrice adjointe

Secretariat / Administration / Communications

Monique Fortier

Monique Fortier
Accounting Officer

Cathy Weightman

Cathy Weightman
Administrative assistant

Education Team

The TUOI Education Team includes five field workers-coordinators, a number of full-time educators and 20-30 part-time educators.

Education Team – Summer 2015

Field Workers-Coordinators

Yanneck Zakrzewski

Yanneck Zakrzewski

Véronique Giroux

Véronique Giroux

Poste vacant


Poste vacant


Board of Directors


Denis Corriveau,
President, Client Representative

Maude Bastien

Maud Bastien,
Vice-president, Client Representative

Marie-Natacha Anoman

Marie-Natacha Anoman,
Secretary – Treasurer, Client Representative

Francine Légaré

Francine Légaré, Community Representative

Lyanne Lavigne

Lyanne Lavigne,
Administrator, Client Representative

Nicolas Fraser

Nicolas Fraser, Administrator, Community Representative

Véronique Giroux

Véronique Giroux,
Administrator, Employee Representative

Rachel Maheu,
Administrator, Community Representative

Poste vacant

Client Representative

Our Board of Directors includes nine members elected for three-year mandates during the Annual General Assembly. To learn more, please refer to our by-laws.

Anyone who wishes to apply to join the Board must fill and submit an application form. To learn more, please contact our leadership.


Various working committees are created each year to help the organization address its objectives. Active committees for the current year (2016-2017):

Human Resources Committee 
Funding Committee 
Service Quality Committee 
Committee for the Optimization of Technological Tools
Adult Services Consultative Committee 
Problem Behaviour Management Committee

Employee Recognition Policy Committee

Parent Political Action Committee for Autism Spectrum Disorders (PPAC-ASD)

Each committee is subject to a deadline. Unless otherwise specified, committee recommendations are not enforceable. Each committee designates a leader responsible for convening members; preparing meeting agendas; facilitating meetings; and, as required, naming a member responsible for writing the minutes of the meeting.

One member from the Board of Directors is usually active in each committee. The Executive Director sits on multiple committees and can act as a resource as needed.

For more information about our volunteering opportunities, please refer to our BECOME A VOLUNTEER page, or contact us at 819 595-1290, ext. 30.

Parent Political Action Committee for Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorders (PPAC-ID-ASD)

It is the mandate of the Political Action Committee to defend the rights of autistic individuals and their families. Members of the committee, with a majority of parents of autistic or intellectually disabled children, address issues affecting families in the region. Under the Board of Directors, this committee benefits from logistical support from the organization to:

  • Encourage parents to mobilize around community issues;
  • Disseminate information to parents about rights and recourse mechanisms;
  • Engage in actions aiming to improve currently available services and drive the development of a complete range of services.

To keep up to date on current issues and get involved in the Committee’s initiatives, please refer to our news page or follow our activity on Facebook.

Or contact the lead of the Political Action Committee: [email protected] To learn more la vie associative de TUOI, our representative mandate and our advocacy, please refer to our latest activity report.